On Sunday, the Haiku DeathMatch...the stakes, someone's getting shaved!

This Sunday, we have a full and awesome night!  Not only is there a Slam, there's an open mic (where all styles and approaches are welcome), but we're holding our first ever Haiku DeathMatch!  The fantastic Tyler King is going to take on The Godfather, Link Schreiber in a 3-round Haiku battle!  The stakes, their beards!  That's right, the loser is going to shave off their trademark beard on-stage!

The audience will be the judges so come on out, enjoy one of the drink specials at Canal Public House courtesy of Paige, and cheer on your favorite poet!  And who knows, you may jump onto stage yourself by the end of the night!

The poetry starts at 7:00pm at Canal Public House this Sunday, 7/19!