This Sunday...WE'RE SLAMMING!

This show features our first regular slam competition in two months. So come on out and compete with those poems you've been working on all this time! Or just sit back, hang out, and enjoy the fun, creative atmosphere we bring to every show.

As always, the open mic will be rocking for those of you who just want to share words with people. 7 PM, FREE, All Ages. Sign-ups at the door.

* * *
Dayton Poetry Slam hosts a show every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at Canal Public House in Dayton, OH.
* * *

Song Lyric Slam tonight!

Greetings poetry faithful,

Ever wonder just how poetic your favorite song could be?  Well, wonder no more!  tonight at 7:00pm starts our first ever Song Lyric Slam!

The rules: no singing.  That's it!  The winner gets a special prize tonight, as well.

And, if you're not sure which song to do, then jump into the open mic, Dayton's longest running!

See you tonight at Canal Public!

Ted and Link

On Sunday, the Haiku DeathMatch...the stakes, someone's getting shaved!

This Sunday, we have a full and awesome night!  Not only is there a Slam, there's an open mic (where all styles and approaches are welcome), but we're holding our first ever Haiku DeathMatch!  The fantastic Tyler King is going to take on The Godfather, Link Schreiber in a 3-round Haiku battle!  The stakes, their beards!  That's right, the loser is going to shave off their trademark beard on-stage!

The audience will be the judges so come on out, enjoy one of the drink specials at Canal Public House courtesy of Paige, and cheer on your favorite poet!  And who knows, you may jump onto stage yourself by the end of the night!

The poetry starts at 7:00pm at Canal Public House this Sunday, 7/19!

Red, White, Blue, and Scared!

Come join us on the night after the 4th...for those of you who aren't math folks, that's the 5th., for a whole night of open mic!  Poetry, Comedy, Dancing, Singing, Hip Hop, and anything else we can throw up onto the stage before we're done for the night!

Sign up starts at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7:00pm!  As always, all poetic styles are welcome and this show has no cover charge, but there will be snacks and drink specials courtesy of the wonderful Paige!

See you on Sunday night at Canal Public House!

Solstice Slam and Open Mic this Sunday night!

Greetings all of you true poetry believers out there...or even you not true poetry believers!

This Sunday, June 21st, the Dayton Poetry Slam will host a Summer Solstice Slam with a special grand prize...want to find out what that is...come to the show!

There will be an open mic, as well, but it will be limited.  The key to know is that we're, from now on, starting at an earlier time: the doors at Canal Public House open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:00pm. 

Still a free show, still the same great hosts, always a different poetic experience each and every show, and great drink specials courtesy of Paige behind the bar!

We'll see you this Sunday...long after your father has gone to bed!