The Rules for the Lip Sync Slam!

Here it is folks and it's not that complicated:

1) Pick either your favorite song or Slam Poem on YouTube (try to keep it to 3:30)

2) Gear up with costumes, if you wish

3) Get up on stage and perform the song or poem without uttering a sound!

4) survive and you could win $100!

Now Accepting PayPal

Greetings folks!

Well, one question that keeps coming up at the show is "when are you going to take cards", well, we've taken our first steps towards taking cards and finding new ways to generate funds that may, one day, replace the donation box.

If you look at our homepage, you'll see a "donate" button!  Click there and you can donate the standard $2 or go up the chain if you're feeling generous!

And there's going to be more to come very soon!

See you at the next show!

We are a Safe Space!

Hey there folks, Link here!

With so much drama going on with the upcoming Presidential and, apparent, country-wide shift; I wanted to take a moment to assure each and every one of you that we have always been and will always be a friend to the LBGT community and are a safe space!

If you want to share your poetry, you can do it here; regardless of your sexual orientation, gender association, or which pronoun set you prefer!

It's going to be a long four years, but we can make it through it we all stick together!

The Ohio Meatgrinder Slam this weekend!

Hey folks,

This Saturday, Dayton is reaching out and playing with some of our poetic neighbors up in Columbus!  It's the Ohio Meatgrinder Slam!  There's 10 teams of poets including:

  1. Lake Effect Poetry - Cleveland, OH
  2. Poet's Haven - NE OH
  3. Reserved - Columbus, OH
  4. Reserved - Columbus, OH
  5. One and a Half Black Men - Columbus, OH
  6. TBD (Nathan Cintax) - Columbus, OH
  7. Writing Knights - Canton, OH
  8. Poems from Different Area Codes - Detroit, MI
  9. First-Timers - Columbus, OH
  10. Dayton Poertry Slam - Dayton, OH

Workshops open to all start at 10 am and the bouts start at 3pm!  So, if you're so inclined for a little road-trip, we would love a cheering section from the Gem City! 

The Team representing Dayton is: Johnathan, Prophessor X, Nathan, and Link!

The whole event is happening at the Kafe Kerouac on High Street on OSU campus! 

Check out their website at:

The rules for the Anti-Slam!

With the Anti-Slam coming up this Sunday night at Yellow Cab Tavern, I thought that it would be a great idea to lay out the ground rules and give you some ideas as to what really consitutes a bad poem.


Three rounds of bad poems.  Poets will have three minutes and ten seconds to perform a poem of their own creation.  Costumes are allowed (and encouraged) as are minor props; however, the time limit will add points to the score for infractions.  The poet with the lowest scores move on to the next round.  The winner will receive something special for their troubles!


The best bad poet/poem is not a shocking one.  You're not trying to rile the audience want to make them cringe with your horrible metaphors, flawed similes, and nonsensical list poems.  The best approach is to parody yourself!  For example, taken from an article written by Claire Trevein of Sabotage Reviews:

"What makes for a truly awful poem? As was the case with the Bullshit conference, a fruitful route was for the poets to either parody themselves or the ‘field’ with which they were associated. Danny Chivers for instance, well-known as an environmental activist, turned up dressed in a crown of leaves and a hi-vis jacket, issuing hippy-tastic lines of this ilk:

‘I didn’t write this poem
it found me
and it made love to my mind’

‘every time you dry your hair
you kill another polar bear’

George Chopping, well-known in Oxford for his whimsical poetry, also came as a parody of himself, dressed in a ‘Gone Fishing’ manner embodying perfectly the part of a muddled over-reaching poet.

Different genres were mercilessly brought to the stage, from Kate Byard’s cringeworthy diary entries ‘Dear diary, life is pain. Aged 12’, to James Webster’s list poem ’10 ways in which my love for you is like the Pokemon Bulbasaur’. Repetitions, a common bugbear in slam poetry, were teased by Pete the Temp’s ‘I need you’, and A. F. Harrold’s more absurdist ‘fish are better than cats’. Love poems of course, were de rigueur, brilliantly executed by Sophia Blackwell in particular, who loves you ‘like super tampons love heavy flow’, leading judge Sally Outen to declare that the poem had not only destroyed her liking for Sophia, but also ‘for the concept of love itself’."

So have fun with it!  Remember, you don't have to be shocking and offensive...just write like you're a teenager feeling the pains of the drive-thru Starbucks Barista who is ignoring their obvious and totally subliminal attempts to enter the throws of passion!

We're heading back to RiverScape on Friday 6/4!

Hey folks, we have two different cavalcades of poets coming down to RiverScape on Friday night to help the night along!

We'll have two sets of poets reading through the night!  5:30pm and 7:50pm!

Confirmed poets: Link Schreiber, Tyler King, The Bars Kid, Bree, and Dan Robinson!

Come on out and cheer on your favorites!

Ed Mabrey Interview!

Hey folks, another big thanks to Ed Mabrey for taking part of this interview AND to Nathan Tipton and Galen (see, I got your name right!)

Take a listen and you'll get to hear his set from the feature a couple of weeks ago!

Why it's so hard to say goodbye to Ted.

You know, I don't know why I've been hesitating to write something up here about Ted leaving us after tonight's show.  I think that it's because if I put it down on paper and on-screen, then it becomes real.

Ted is a fantastic man.  And I'm not just saying that because it's his final show.  We've had poets come and go since we opened up shop in 1999.  But we always mark it when someone remarkable leaves us and Ted is remarkable.

When he first started showing up back in 2014, while we were at UD still, you could tell that there was something completely different about him.  Aside from the fact that he's pretty...yes, none of us are denying that one, Ted is a gorgeous man.  But his inner beauty matches and far exceeds that beauty.  Ted is a caring, dedicated, and ambitious person and we certainly wouldn't be where we are today, as a show, without him.  He's also a very talented writer and he leaves he emotions all over the stage with every performance!

I would say that both he and Shon have definitely taught me the importance of having other people involved behind and in front of the scenes and I think that you've enjoyed him just as much as I have enjoyed having him here.

So a little piece of us goes away tonight and I hope like so many others, he continues to shine and create, and influence wherever he ends up!

So, again, I truly hate to say this and it's only the first time today that I'm going to have to say it...goodbye Ted.  You're definitely one of the best of us!


So much poetry and we're only asking for $2!

Hey folks, there's something that we need to talk about here!

For the past year, we've survived and paid for our incredible features through a percentage cut of the bar sales at Canal Public...well, there's a problem with that haven't been buying much.  Now, that's not a shot against you!  We all have to watch things...but Canal is a business.

Well, with decreasing bar sales during the night, we've had re-evaluate how we raise money.

So, with that said, we're asking a $2 donation from you for each show.  If you want to give more...then please do so!  If you only have $2 to your name that a water from the bar!

We want to be able to continue to bring these shows to you at a low cost and grow this thing!

So, remember a couple of dollars or we can tack it onto your tab at the end of the night...but remember that we really are a club here and we all need to pay the dues!

Thanks for a great year and for more to come!

Ted, Link, Prophessor X, and Paige