The Ohio Meatgrinder Slam this weekend!

Hey folks,

This Saturday, Dayton is reaching out and playing with some of our poetic neighbors up in Columbus!  It's the Ohio Meatgrinder Slam!  There's 10 teams of poets including:

  1. Lake Effect Poetry - Cleveland, OH
  2. Poet's Haven - NE OH
  3. Reserved - Columbus, OH
  4. Reserved - Columbus, OH
  5. One and a Half Black Men - Columbus, OH
  6. TBD (Nathan Cintax) - Columbus, OH
  7. Writing Knights - Canton, OH
  8. Poems from Different Area Codes - Detroit, MI
  9. First-Timers - Columbus, OH
  10. Dayton Poertry Slam - Dayton, OH

Workshops open to all start at 10 am and the bouts start at 3pm!  So, if you're so inclined for a little road-trip, we would love a cheering section from the Gem City! 

The Team representing Dayton is: Johnathan, Prophessor X, Nathan, and Link!

The whole event is happening at the Kafe Kerouac on High Street on OSU campus! 

Check out their website at: