So much poetry and we're only asking for $2!

Hey folks, there's something that we need to talk about here!

For the past year, we've survived and paid for our incredible features through a percentage cut of the bar sales at Canal Public...well, there's a problem with that haven't been buying much.  Now, that's not a shot against you!  We all have to watch things...but Canal is a business.

Well, with decreasing bar sales during the night, we've had re-evaluate how we raise money.

So, with that said, we're asking a $2 donation from you for each show.  If you want to give more...then please do so!  If you only have $2 to your name that a water from the bar!

We want to be able to continue to bring these shows to you at a low cost and grow this thing!

So, remember a couple of dollars or we can tack it onto your tab at the end of the night...but remember that we really are a club here and we all need to pay the dues!

Thanks for a great year and for more to come!

Ted, Link, Prophessor X, and Paige